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Short Fiction: Kevin Grauke’s From the Desk of Celeste Derry

North Dakota Quarterly is housed at the University of North Dakota and published by the University of Nebraska Press. In other words, it is inextricably tied to its origins as an “academic” little magazine in the early 20th century and to the rhythms of academic life. It seems only fitting

An Issue by its Cover

Issue 89.3/4 is finally in production! This means that we’ve circulated page proofs and are looking forward to getting to see it in the flesh (er, paper) in the next few weeks. Before we do that, though, we need to decide on a cover. Fortunately, we have a wonderful photo

Last but not Least: A Haiku by Uchimura Kaho

I have a little tradition of making sure that I post the final work to appear in each issue of NDQ. Maybe I do this because I don’t want it to be missed, or maybe it reflects my little habit of flipping to the back of a magazine to see

NDQ 89.3/4: Table of Contents

Last week, I sent North Dakota Quarterly 89.3/4 off to our publishing partner at University of Nebraska Press. It was the fifth volume that I completed as editor in collaboration with my outstanding group of co-editors and our editorial board. It’s been particularly exciting to see so many long-time contributors

Editor’s Note for NDQ 89.3/4

One of my first memories of the NDQ editorial office was the buzz of production and the engaged conversation of student interns. Since then, we’ve had fewer interns and the buzz in the NDQ office has primarily revolved around me putting various issues of the Quarterly in boxes in preparation

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