Month: October 2021

The Poetry of Dan Quisenberry

As of this morning, the baseball World Series is tied 1-1 between the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros and there’s already been a share of drama with Braves’ pitcher Charlie Morton pitching part of game one with a broken leg. With the “Fall Classic” as a backdrop, we thought that it

Learning to Go Slow

Bill Caraher |  In 2013, I co-edited an issue of North Dakota Quarterly with Rebecca Rozelle-Stone. The issue considered the “slow” movement which had started to expand from the rather limited perspective on cooking and foodways, primarily associated with the “slow food” movement, to a wider consideration about the seemingly relentless pace of life in the 21st century. By 2010, there

Poetry: North Country

Earlier this week, I was flipping through NDQ 88.1/2 and a short poem by David R. Solheim stopped me in my tracks. Maybe it is the onset of fall or my ongoing realization that the “north country” is indeed a very quiet place. In any event, I won’t clutter up

Table of Contents for NDQ 88.3/4

With any luck the next issue of NDQ is off to the publisher this afternoon. It’s almost ready and I’m just waiting on a couple of pieces of stray paperwork. In fact, it’s so ready that I’m excited to give the readers of the NDQ blog a sneak peek at the

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