Month: August 2017

Çiğdem Pala Mull / Translation of Excerpts from Muslims of the Peaceful Country by İsmail Gaspıralı

“Utopian imagination” is as textured and complex as ever in our day: often ironic, potentially vibrant and compelling across national and linguistic boundaries.  NDQ is very proud to publish Çiğdem Pala Mull’s original “Translation of Excerpts from Darürrahat Müslümanları (Muslims of the Peaceful Country) by İsmail Gaspıralı.” This will be the first appearance of

Ute Kraidy / Frontera

Published in NDQ 84.1/2 Ute Kraidy holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad de las Américas-Puebla, and a master’s degree in Journalism (Magazine Production) from the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. She has fifteen years of experience designing for the nonprofit, health, and

Kyle Conway / Modern Hospitality

Modern Hospitality (published in NDQ 84.1/2) Kyle Conway          PDF Few words are as potent as the two I have paired in the title to this essay. Yoked together, they’re explosive, a tinderbox and a match. And yet the first word calls out for the second. One

Marc-Antoine Frébutte / Balkan Beats: Migrations, Stories, and Memories

Balkan Beats: Migrations, Stories, and Memories (published in NDQ 84.1/2) Marc-Antoine Frébutte               PDF 1. Preface Since the refugee crisis began in the summer of 2015, hundreds of thousands of refugees have crossed the Middle East and the Balkans on their way to Northern and Western Europe

NDQ 84.1/2: Transnational

We are very pleased to open our autumn season of NDQ online by announcing the publication of a special print issue of NDQ titled Transnational.  This project was co-edited by Çiğdem Pala Mull, Sharon Carson, and Gayatri Devi.  Here is their opening collaborative essay explaining the intellectual energies shaping the issue. We’ll be

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