Month: October 2017

Monsters (for Halloween)

Hans Peter Broedel This Halloween, I gave some thought to the sort of monsters that I find most horrifying. This is not something I’ve done before, which is perhaps odd because I have a long history looking at other people’s monsters. Historians, psychologists, and anthropologists are always interested in a culture’s monsters, because they are remarkably sensitive

Punk Rock, Lusty Scripts, and Stuff that Matters: An Interview with Brian James Schill

Earlier this month, Brian James Schill first book, The Year’s Work in the Punk Bookshelf, Or, Lusty Scripts, came out from Indiana University Press. We’re pretty lucky to have an in with Brian because, up to recently, he served as undergraduate research coordinator in the honors program at the University of North

On The Classical Debt

Like 98% of the Classicists (or at least Hellenists) in the world right now, I’ve just finished reading Johana Hanink’s The Classical Debt: Greek Antiquity in an Age of Austerity (2017). It’s a remarkable book that traces the history of the concept of “Greek debt” from conversations about the West’s

Gilad Elbom / Sign of the Devil

Sign of the Devil (printed in NDQ 84.1/2) Gilad Elbom A small record store. The address, an old edifice in a seldom-traveled thoroughfare in the center of London, wasn’t easy to find. In America, where things are constructed on a much larger scale, nobody would give a narrow alley that

Anything That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll is Fine: an Appreciation of Tom Petty

Christopher Gable My brother has never liked Tom Petty. He hated his voice. Whiny. Too high. Inflected with a Southern accent. But my brother is nothing if not a walking contradiction. As much as he hates Tom Petty and Neil Young’s high-pitched whining, he loves the extremely high voice of

NDQ in The Best American Essays

North Dakota Quarterly is pleased to announce three “notable contribution” commendations in the 2017 Best American Essays volume. This is a major honor for the Quarterly and its authors and editors. The jury recognized three individual contributions, one by Peter Grandbois and one by W. Scott Olsen, as well as

Bibhu Padhi / A Spot of Body, Without Blood

A Spot of Body, Without Blood (appeared in NDQ 84.1/2) Bibhu Padhi A body lies on a road in the north, under fog and winter. A hazy picture of mice scampering away onto the road from under its thin sheet of helplessness, is all there is, except a sheer white

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