Month: November 2022

An Issue by its Cover

Issue 89.3/4 is finally in production! This means that we’ve circulated page proofs and are looking forward to getting to see it in the flesh (er, paper) in the next few weeks. Before we do that, though, we need to decide on a cover. Fortunately, we have a wonderful photo

Sun Ra to Brighten Your Winter Days

Our sister operation here at the University of North Dakota is called The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. Earlier this year, we collaborated with them to publish John J. Cox’s translation of Jurij Koch’s The Cherry Tree which is still available for free download or as a low cost paperback here. Our

Last but not Least: A Haiku by Uchimura Kaho

I have a little tradition of making sure that I post the final work to appear in each issue of NDQ. Maybe I do this because I don’t want it to be missed, or maybe it reflects my little habit of flipping to the back of a magazine to see

Excavate Our Newly Expanded Archive!

As North Dakota Quarterly lumbers toward its 90th volume, we have turned one eye toward our archive. In fact, our archive of back issues one of our greatest assets as a publication and whenever we approach a milestone, I like to direct some attention to the archive. This fall, I’ve worked with a

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