Month: May 2020

A Peaceful Poem for a Windy Summer: Still

There’s something about Bonnie Larson Staiger’s poem “Still” that reminds me of summer evenings where the heat of the day begins to break and the North Dakota wind (always more than a breeze) brings a bit of relief.  With all the chaos in the world today, maybe “Still” will offer a moment of

Short Fiction: Ursa

As some parts of the country start to carefully emerge from their two-month, COVID-19 hibernation, we thought we’d share Shane Castle’s story “Ursa” which appeared in NDQ 87.1/2. I’m usually not at a loss for how to describe a story, but this piece is indescribable. At turns touching, funny, and absurd, it’s

Issue 87.1/2 By the Numbers

We’ve been thrilled to see that North Dakota Quarterly 87.1/2 has been downloaded over 770 times over the last few weeks! We hope that some of those downloaders like what they read and will consider becoming contributors, subscribers, or at very least regular visitors to our blog. If you want to

A Poem: Myth and “Death by Project Management Webinar”

There’s something very contemporary about Emily Scudder’s wonderful poem “Death by Project Management Webinar.” Like too many people in the U.S. today, I’m spending hours on Zoom meeting discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on everything from the university finances to curriculum changes. Anyone who has endured a similar

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