Month: August 2016

Four Poems of Anna George Meek

Exquisite Tangent The Tapestry of Bayeux It winds through the rooms, enormous. Orange, umber, flora and fauna, exquisite technique, serpents uncoiling, the meaning of hounds, stallions stitched with sea-blue hooves. Imagine that Meteors Fall into the limbs of a cherry tree and they set the pink blossoms ablaze. The petals

Before the Breaking Wave: The Duluth North Pier Lighthouse

By W. Scott Olsen  Monday, December 14, 2015 I had expected a sound. Something deep, low frequency, something earth-core and knee shaking. Something heavy. Something I would feel in my teeth. Something dangerous, threatening, pressing. There was a storm on Lake Superior. Gale warning. The waves had grown large and

George Starcher and The Future of the University

62 years ago, the University of North Dakota welcomed George F. Starcher and two years later, North Dakota Quarterly awoke from its 23-year, depression-induced slumber. In the first volume of its return, NDQ featured an article by then President George F. Starcher titled the “Future of the University.” Starcher probably

Hemingway in the Quarterly

Last week, the managing editor at North Dakota Quarterly mentioned that a few folks were inquiring about whether they could pull together a selection of the articles and special editions on Hemingway published by NDQ over the past 30 years. It so happens that Robert W. Lewis, the long-time editor

Fiction: Kindle and Scorch

Jaclyn Patterson We stilled time together all that long winter before. We were needing many small, tender things: things kept in jars, lightly toasted, and resembling antique watches. The hill was ours. We stood one-footed atop the snow, warm and unknowing in our knowing. Inside, Eliza. Weakened, she rallied the

Friends: Assay: A Journal of Non-Fiction Studies

A quick shout out to our friends down the road in Moorhead, Minnesota where Concordia College publishes Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies. The website is beautiful. The content is thought provoking. And the impulse to consider and reflect on the essay as a kind of writing is particularly valuable

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