Month: December 2019

Ghosts Signs

Every now and then, when no one is looking, I abuse my position as editor and write something for the  North Dakota Quarterly blog. Today is another installment in my reflections on small town life from NDQ’s back yard in Grand Forks, North Dakota. My favorite is The Dog Park at the End of

New Nonfiction: Jorgia Wants a Chapter

Storey Clayton’s piece in the most recent issue of NDQ, “Jorgia Wants a Chapter,” is one of my favorite recent essays. It is part of his Driving for U: Behind the Wheel of a New Orleans Uber series, and this piece, like the others in this series, is absolutely worth your time even during the

Three Poems from Jenny L. Davis

The poetry and prose that I read each month in my capacity as editor of North Dakota Quarterly often speaks to me, but it rarely speaks to me on a professional level in my day job is as a field archaeologist and historian. Jenny L. Davis’s poems in issue 86.3/4 manage both to

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