Month: January 2018

Egyptian Reflections: Democracy in Traffic

Democracy in Traffic* Rebecca J. Romsdahl This is the first of four essays reflecting on Egypt. Please also read the introduction to see how they are all linked. Enjoy! After two hours sitting on the runway and ten and a half hours of flight time, our fellow passengers seemed very happy

Egyptian Reflections: An Introduction

Touring the gaps between rich and poor* Rebecca J. Romsdahl On January 25, 2011 the Arab Spring Revolution erupted in Egypt. My partner and I were transfixed by the news reports as demonstrators and police clashed in cities across the country with tear-gas and water canons being used against people

Short Take: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War. Dr. Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Perf. Peter Coyote (Narrator), Huy Duc, Duong Van Mai Elliott, et al.  Florentine Films, 2017. Documentary. Review by Matt Masur America’s war in Vietnam, which ended almost fifty years ago, has never really faded from the country’s memory. Every American military intervention

Punks on Trump in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Next week, some of the North Dakota Quarterly crew going to get together with some pretty fun folks and talk about punk rock in the Trump era at Ojata Record in Grand Forks. The event is partly to celebrate the publication of Brian Schill’s new book, This Year’s Work in the Punk Bookshelf, Or,

“See this possible future and be in it” Bjork’s Utopia

Bjork’s Utopia as Utopia Mark Stephen Jendrysik Bjork’s Utopia is a challenge to our times. In our current age, calling anything “utopia” flies in the face of the prevailing ethos. In an era beset with pronouncements of doom using the word utopia in anything but an ironic sense might seem

A Blue Note: in Memory of William H. Gass

Crystal Alberts When I received notice on December 7, 2017 that William H. Gass had died at the age of 93, I uttered a four-letter Anglo-Saxon word under my breath—one that I am sure Gass would’ve found absolutely appropriate—and checked the news source: My mouth contorted itself into a

Remembering Don Poochigian

Late last month, Don Poochigian died. He was a long-time faculty member at the University of North Dakota and served on the board of North Dakota Quarterly in the late 1970s (where his name was frequently misspelled Donald “Poochigan”). He contributed an article to NDQ 48.2 (Spring 1980) titled “A Defense of Sovereignty,” and

A Book by Its Cover

It’s our pleasure to share the cover design for North Dakota Quarterly 84.3/4 (2017). The print copies should be on their way to us here in Grand Forks by the end of the week and out to subscribers soon thereafter. The cover celebrates the massive outpouring of creativity, thoughtful prose,

Making of a Hometown Hero: The Mission of Herman Stern

How a story of Holocaust rescue on the North Dakota prairie speaks to broader issues of historical representation Caroline Campell On a recent icy Monday evening, nearly four hundred people packed a theater in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota, to watch the world premiere of a documentary and panel discussion

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