Month: July 2022

Poetry: A Cigarette is Always a Prop

I have a soft spot for poems that feature objects. Maybe this marks my enduring attraction to Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons or maybe it speaks to my professional interests as an archaeologist. This week, I’ll indulge my soft spot and feature a poem by David Starkey called “A Cigarette is

Essay: Judith Fetterley’s In Praise of Grass

As summer slowly starts to ebb here in the Northern Plains, periodic showers fortify the infamous “frog days of summer” where the region musters a bare imitation of humidity to give folks something to complain about while in line at the supermarket. The mild temperatures and the rain remind us that we live on

The Other Hampsten

Bill Caraher |  Like most Americans, I’m up early this morning to watch stage Stage 12 of the Tour de France which ascends the famous Alpe d’Huez while keeping an eye on the USA-Zimbabwe cricket match in the Men’s T20 World Cup qualifier. Americans have a particular interest in Alpe

A Poem by Diane Webster: Man Pickup

As someone who likes a nice pickup truck and lives in a community full of pickup trucks, a poem about pickup trucks will always get my attention. Diane Webster’s poem “Man Pickup” will resonate with anyone who lives in a town with plenty of pickup trucks. More than that, it

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