Month: April 2021

The New Issue’s Cover

Yesterday, we received page proofs from our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press and this included four options for the cover. The cover art is based on a series of prints by our art editor Ryan Stander called “Pursue _______________:” The sentiments on the panels were crowd-sourced and printed using a

Eric Sevareid and the National Crisis

Over the last few weeks, the History Department at the University of North Dakota is moving from its current home in the old medical school building to temporary offices around campus. This is a bit more of a process than one might expect in that a number of us have grown roots

Spring 1991

The cover of Spring 1991 issue of NDQ is among my favorites (it’s issue 59.2 for those of you who keep a scorecard). The cover art is by Nancy Friese and is titled Deer Path. As the cover indicates it is a sweeping review of nature writers and nature writing which seems particularly appropriate

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