Month: October 2022

Get a Taste of The Cherry Tree

Last week, North Dakota Quarterly was very excited to announce the publication of the first English translation of The Cherry Tree, Jurij Koch’s German-language Sorbian novella. Since then, its translator John K. Cox has been on the media circuit doing an interview on the local public radio station and in the local

Announcing: Jurij Koch’s The Cherry Tree

North Dakota Quarterly is very excited to announce the publication of the second volume in its supplement series: the first English translation of Jurij Koch’s novella The Cherry Tree. The book was published in collaboration with our partner at The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. You can download

Poetry and Yard Work

It’s autumn here in North Dakotaland and that means that we are enjoying the last gasp burst of color from the trees along rivers and streams, a certain smokey crispness in the air, and the drone of leaf blowers and lawn mowers that anticipates the guttural growl of the snow blower.

NDQ 89.3/4: Table of Contents

Last week, I sent North Dakota Quarterly 89.3/4 off to our publishing partner at University of Nebraska Press. It was the fifth volume that I completed as editor in collaboration with my outstanding group of co-editors and our editorial board. It’s been particularly exciting to see so many long-time contributors

Editor’s Note for NDQ 89.3/4

One of my first memories of the NDQ editorial office was the buzz of production and the engaged conversation of student interns. Since then, we’ve had fewer interns and the buzz in the NDQ office has primarily revolved around me putting various issues of the Quarterly in boxes in preparation

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