An Issue by its Cover

Issue 89.3/4 is finally in production! This means that we’ve circulated page proofs and are looking forward to getting to see it in the flesh (er, paper) in the next few weeks.

Before we do that, though, we need to decide on a cover. Fortunately, we have a wonderful photo from Grant McMillan from which our designer at the University of Nebraska Press has produced four cover options. True to form, our editorial board is divided as to which cover is best. 

So, I’m turning to our blog readers for an assist! Which cover do you like the most? Provide some feedback in the comments.

NDQ 89 3 4 cover option 1Cover 1

NDQ 89 3 4 cover option 2Cover 2

NDQ 89 3 4 cover option 3Cover 3

NDQ 89 3 4 cover option 4Cover 4

4 Replies to “An Issue by its Cover”

  1. Bill, Cover #4 is more visually dramatic.



  2. Hi,

    I would go with Cover 1. I think that it’s the most vivid and attractive of the three.


  3. Daniel Ginsburg says:

    I recommend Cover 2 for its minimalism and centrality of NDQ title.

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  4. I’m curious about the meaning behind the photograph? And how does it match the themes of this issue?

    Christie Borely Attorney-at-Law

    email: phone: (868) 490-4893


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