Month: September 2021

Short Fiction: Through the Window

One of the pleasures of editing North Dakota Quarterly is seeing authors return to our pages. In our next volume, we’ll have a couple of returning voices and hopefully we’ll get to celebrate them here on the blog. This week, I’m posting a short story by Kareem Tayyar titled “Through

Colie Hoffman Poetry Prize

As editor of NDQ, I have the privilege of publishing a wide range of authors from undergraduates to grizzled veterans of the writing business. While we treasure each author’s work we publish in different ways, there is always something exciting about introducing our readers to a new voice. Along those

The Poetry of Rhys Carpenter

Bill Caraher |  Last week, while having a conversation with one of my old Greek archaeology buddies, he casually mentioned that Rhys Carpenter had written poetry. I suppose this not a secret to the cognoscenti, but I didn’t know. Of course, I knew Rhys Carpenter as an architect and an

Short Fiction: Dynamite

North Dakota Quarterly is proudly based at the University of North Dakota. This fall, for better or for worse, the Quarterly office witnessed the return of students to campus with its buzz of energy, the palpable anxiety, and feeling of potential (even in an age when the future feels increasingly decided).

The NDQ Reader and Looking Ahead to Our 90th Volume

In 2023, NDQ will publish its 90th volume. This milestone is made all more significant because it’ll be my (Bill Caraher’s) fifth volume as editor and also represent all the hard work of the entire editorial board to ensure that NDQ survived when it was on brink around volume 84 and volume 85 (which you

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