NDQ 89.3/4: Table of Contents

Last week, I sent North Dakota Quarterly 89.3/4 off to our publishing partner at University of Nebraska Press. It was the fifth volume that I completed as editor in collaboration with my outstanding group of co-editors and our editorial board. It’s been particularly exciting to see so many long-time contributors come back to NDQ during my time as editor.

I’m equally hopeful that many of our long-time subscribers will also return to the Quarterly. While the contributors and readers are the lifeblood of a little magazine, our subscribers keep the Quarterly in business and help us continue to offer opportunities writers at all stages of life. If you enjoy what we do, please consider subscribing (go here to subscribe!) and do check into our blog regularly for updates on our publishing schedule, content from our issues, and other random stuff that we think is cool.

Table of Contents for NDQ 89.3/4

Editor’s Note


On Objective Beauty
Grant McMillian


Ribbon of Light
Christine Skolnik

From the Desk of Celeste Derry
Kevin Grauke

The Firmament
Christopher Chambers

Spirits in the Material World
Josh Shuart


I Miss Human Connection
Karina Kupp

Back to Donnie
Linda Lacy

Are We Still Soulmates?
Patricia Feinman

The Labyrinth
Heidi Fettig Parton


The Scent of Time
Gail Tirone

Contemporary American Poetry
Elton Glaser

Mid-December in a Classroom Waiting for Final Essays To Be Completed
Alan Britt

Autumn Emanations
Jeanne Emmons

Burial of the Dead
Kurt Lovelace

Longing Comes To Life
Parade of Hats
Lynn McGee

On the Wings of a Bee
Keep on Living

New Country
James Underwood

growing up in America is neurosis
Elder Gideon

Patrick Baker

The Words of My Grandmother Come From a White Mouth
The Vanity of Consequence
Anthony Albright

No Tango Dinero
Una Vida Mejor
Claudia Madrid Hernandez

Bharti Bansal

Craig Cotter

Another Tale from The Office Archives
Jim Daniels

The Wheel
Paul Bamberger

The Endless Beginning
A. Molotkov

Old Stories
Robert Evory

Stoves Go Well with Snow
Sharon Chmielarz

Tin Roof: An Etheree
Emory Jones

Best Month of Winter
Dan Raphael

Drive Safe
Jason Thornberry

New Year’s Eve
Michael Aderibigbe

preface of a riddle
Training Day
REM: A Case Study
Dorsía Smith Silva

Collective Experience
Ken Poyner

Story & Hunger
You are a wonder
J. Alan Nelson

Self Portrait with Logic and Grief
Kristy Nielsen

Getting an Airbnb in Saigon
William Brown

When We Lived at the Old Hotel
Russell Thorburn

Motel: Note to Self
Ash Wednesday
Norita Dittberner-Jax

Through our Days
Paul Freidinger

Preparing for the Sale
Ivo Drury

Hypnotizing Chickens as a Child
Cows, a Nightmare
Matthew J. Spireng

In a Modern Library
George Thomas

Breaking the Rules
Duane Anderson

Caffeinated Promise
Joshua Hall

Two Untitled Poems
Adam Day

No(ise is what I hear)
Jen Karetnick

Dolphins in My January
Kelly Talbot

Grandmother’s Vanity
Dawn Terpstra

Hello Lightheaded Day
Annie Przypyszny

The Mother
Speaking, Mystery, Crimson
Devon Miller-Duggan

After the Concert
Scenes Skirting the Edge
Joannie Stangeland

Bond very nearly Bond
Michelle R. Disler

Too Thorough
David Sapp

nature’s way
Ron Torrence

Washing My Newborn Daughter
Cecil Morris

Opposable Thumbs
Daniel Ginsburg

Good Boy
Lucas Pingel

Honey, We’re Killing the Kids
Systematic Desensitization: A Dialogue with the New Amsterdam Bottle on My Shoulder
Rachel Goodman

A Privacy
Emily Vieweg

The Nazarene
Claire Watson

The Costs of Living
Make Like Shakespeare
Kurt Olsson

The Party Line at the Virgin Mary’s Shrine
Emily Dorff

In the Name of the Fodder, and of the Gun, and of the Wholly Dispirited
John Martino

Fifty Percent Chance
Rahab Is My Homegirl
Morning Berries
Jorge Antonio Vallejos

Consider the Example: the Example is Death
Daisy Bassen

Corner Store
Viola Lee

now she’s the size of a pomegranate
James Dewey

Goddess of Belle Vue
Christie Borely

The Night I Slept Over
Jennifer Novotney

Sun’s Constant Gladness
Mark Hurtubise

The Rival
Catherine Hardy

Greg Kosmicki

The Blue and the Black
Alexander Wolff

John Tustin

Easing Travel Restrictions
Jim Ross

Haiku: Faint Hope
Uchimura Kaho

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