Month: May 2018

Philip Roth (1933-2018)

Indignation fills the hearts of all our countrymen by Adam Kitzes   I am not in the habit of fashioning headstones for writers on the occasion of their passing, but in the case of Philip Roth, this one line of his stands out for consideration. It made its appearance in

In Search of ‘Gentle Abrasion’

As I write this, I’m off to California (for a trad musician like myself, such an act cannot help but summon this song) in search of a little “gentle abrasion.” That’s a salaciously poetic way of stating what, in plainer terms, amounts to a more humble kind of declaration. I’m

Austerity, Now and Then

Greetings! I’m Sheila, nonfiction editor here at NDQ, and I’m taking over blog responsibilities for the next few weeks while Bill Caraher, our editor and publisher, is off doing field work in Greece.   “I propose” (the thing took all his strength) “oh what the hell” he cried; “what’s stopping


Baby Jessica Walsh She met a man who was really a cursed spindle in a barn no one had checked She faded into a farmhouse thinned to brittle bought chickens and called them all baby Her back her nerves her skin burn a bonfire in between the charms he mixed

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