Month: May 2022

Special Section on Literature in Translation

While North Dakota Quarterly relies on subscriptions to stay afloat, we also do all we can to make sure that we attract both new readers and new contributors. This means whenever possible, we let readers enjoy the Quarterly for free in the hope that it inspires them to contribute in the future

Mildly Ekphrastic Poetry: Timothy Dodd’s Tenebrists

Recently, we have enjoyed an uptick in what I’d broadly call ekphrastic poetry here at North Dakota Quarterly. These poems describe, meditate on, and celebrate art (and architecture) while offering us new, transmedia, transhistorical, windows into the human condition.   This week, we’ll feature Timothy Dodd’s poem “Tenebrist” from NDQ 88:3/4 not only to showcase

Larry Woiwode

Last month, Larry Woiwode died. He was North Dakota’s poet laureate and a fixture in the Northern Plains literary scene for a half-century. His second novel, Beyond the Bedroom Wall (1975) earned him the most acclaim and commercial success.  He was not a regular contributor to the Quarterly, but in 1996, we published

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