Last but not Least: A Haiku by Uchimura Kaho

I have a little tradition of making sure that I post the final work to appear in each issue of NDQ. Maybe I do this because I don’t want it to be missed, or maybe it reflects my little habit of flipping to the back of a magazine to see what’s published on the final page. 

Whatever the reason, I wanted to post this haiku by Uchimura Kaho wherever it appeared in the issue. More than that, I heard this week that issue 89.3/4 is in typesetting now and that means it should appear in your mailbox in December. You can check out what will appear in the issue here.

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Haiku: faint hope
Uchimura Kaho 内村佳保

when I take off my mask
in an empty alley
faint hope for the people is coming


Uchimura Kaho (内村佳保) is the author of Jyuusan-sai-no-taidou (2008) and Inishie-gatari vol.1 (2014). She won the grand prize at the Reconstruction Agency Slogan Competition, Funahashi-Seiichi Under 30’s Literary Prize, and Shimazaki-Toson Poetry Competition. She received Nikkei Newspaper the Best Tanka of the Year Award. You can visit her online here

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