Month: February 2023

Book by its Cover: NDQ@90

This week, as NDQ 90.1/2 comes into focus, I have also been working on a small book project with students in the University of North Dakota’s practicum in writing, editing, and publishing course. This book is a new anthology of NDQ contributions produced by some of the most clever and

Essay: Back to Donnie

  One aspect of NDQ that we don’t celebrate as much as we should here on the website, is how much quality non-fiction we publish. This content not only ranges every bit as broadly as our fiction and poetry — from the character of lawns and floods to the kind of

Ninety Volumes of NDQ

Last semester, the North Dakota Quarterly team collaborated on a practicum on editing and publishing in which we focused on preparing an issue 89.3/4 for publication. The students organized the issue, identifying which essays and poetry to include from the pile of already accepted material. Judging from the comments that I

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