Month: May 2019

Double Helix

From the pages of NDQ 86.1/2, Ronna Wineberg’s story, “Double Helix” offers an engaging glimpse of a woman overcoming her past. The story is perfect for a reflective early summer afternoon. NDQ relies on our outstanding contributors, editors, and subscribers to thrive. Please consider submitting to NDQ, subscribing, or downloading our previous volume. For more from

Dictionary of the Possible

Sharon Carson | Shifter magazine ( has created some intriguing possibilities in collaborative publication, starting as an online publication and morphing more recently into a multi-platform project, including a turn to print.  In some ways, they have followed the opposite track direction as NDQ: we started and ran for decades

A Prayer for my Christian Father

It is a pleasure to share more poetry from NDQ 86.1/2 which should be arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes even as we speak! This week Danielle Hale offers a deeply personal reflection in her poem “A Prayer for my Christian Father.” For more content from NDQ 86.1/2 click here, or, better

Three Poems by Eric Greinke

We are very pleased to feature three poems from Eric Greinke in the forthcoming issue of NDQ 86.1/2 (2019). They’re vivid and emotionally demanding in confronting pressing issues of climate change, poverty, and inequality in a personal and intimate way. NDQ relies on our outstanding contributors, editors, and subscribers to

It Starts with Wall Charts

Sharon Carson | The Nation recently announced that D.D. Guttenplan would be taking over as editor, following a 25 year tenure in that role by Katherina vanden Heuvel. Here’s a bit more about that transition and Guttenplan’s background as a journalist and writer. Guttenplan has long focused on social analysis

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