Month: May 2019

Dictionary of the Possible

Sharon Carson | Shifter magazine ( has created some intriguing possibilities in collaborative publication, starting as an online publication and morphing more recently into a multi-platform project, including a turn to print.  In some ways, they have followed the opposite track direction as NDQ: we started and ran for decades

A Prayer for my Christian Father

It is a pleasure to share more poetry from NDQ 86.1/2 which should be arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes even as we speak! This week Danielle Hale offers a deeply personal reflection in her poem “A Prayer for my Christian Father.” For more content from NDQ 86.1/2 click here, or, better

Three Poems by Eric Greinke

We are very pleased to feature three poems from Eric Greinke in the forthcoming issue of NDQ 86.1/2 (2019). They’re vivid and emotionally demanding in confronting pressing issues of climate change, poverty, and inequality in a personal and intimate way. NDQ relies on our outstanding contributors, editors, and subscribers to

It Starts with Wall Charts

Sharon Carson | The Nation recently announced that D.D. Guttenplan would be taking over as editor, following a 25 year tenure in that role by Katherina vanden Heuvel. Here’s a bit more about that transition and Guttenplan’s background as a journalist and writer. Guttenplan has long focused on social analysis

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