Month: April 2019

An Issue by its Cover

This morning I sent in the last edits to the page proofs for NDQ 86.1/2 (2019). This is a pretty exciting thing because this issue marks our full partnership with the University of Nebraska Press. This means that individuals can subscribe to via UNP’s new web portal and buy (at least one) back issues.

Colloquy in Water

It seems appropriate to offer this poem from Richard Lyons (1920-2000) published in NDQ 30.4 (1962), 120, “Colloquy in Water”. Lyons’ poems appeared in the New Yorker, Paris Review, The Nation, and the Kenyon Review. “It’s snowing again.”

Paper Man

Paula Brown’s story, “Paper Man,” lingered in my head for weeks after I read it, and I couldn’t be happier to publish it in NDQ 85 (2018). It’s a reflection anchored in stark imagery that offers vivid foundation for thinking about the fragility and resilience of life. As spring comes

Short take: Trickle Up Art

Sharon Carson I had a welcome memory spark during a recent graduate seminar discussion of Omar ibn Said’s 1831 autobiography, The Life of Omar ibn Said, a text written in Arabic and an account of his enslavement in the United States. The Arabic text and English translations are available online at the

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