Month: June 2018

Unrepentant Sinner

by Gayatri Devi In August 1990 I was a newly arrived international student in the doctoral program in English at the University of North Dakota. I had arrived from India a couple of weeks prior to the start of the fall semester. The residence halls and dining halls were more

Nostalgia Springs Eternal

A Review of Deerhunter’s Double Dream of Spring By Dave Haeselin A confession: I haven’t listened to Deerhunter since 2007, the year that saw the release of the band’s album Cryptograms. Their music never really spoke to me and I had plenty of other bands to listen to. 2007 is

This Humble Vessel Called Earth

“Earth may be considered as a small spaceship with limited supplies or resources revolving around the sun with the human race as the crew and the United States and other highly developed nations as the officers. The entire crew is responsible for those actions which modify the ship’s condition, i.e.

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