Month: January 2019

Blurbs, Russians, and Rhymes: A Protesting on Bended Knee Update with Eric Burin

It’s been about three months since The Digital Press published NDQ editorial board member’s Eric Burin’s edited volume, Protesting on Bended Knee: Race, Dissent, and Patriotism in 21st Century America. For most books three months is barely out of the gate, but in the rapidly changing political landscape surrounding the Colin Kaepernick protests

Coming Soon: North Dakota Quarterly 85

I’ve received a number of emails lately from contributors and from fans of the Quarterly asking about volume 85 (2018). The official answer from the editor’s desk is… “it’s getting there!” The entire volume is in production at our new publishing partner, the University of Nebraska Press. Here’s a sneak peek

Submissions to the Quarterly

One of our great fears when North Dakota Quarterly went on brief sabbatical was that our contributors would forsake us and we’d lack for submissions. Happily, this was not the case, and our friends and supporters flocked to our new online submission platform and filled our queues with the good,

Public Domain Day at North Dakota Quarterly

On January 1st, the public domain saw the first large-scale infusion of works since 1998. Any work published before 1924, now is in the U.S. public domain. This is an almost unprecedented catalogue of books, journals, films, and music has entered the public realm. This means that these works have been freed from almost all restrictions on

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