Month: October 2016

Music: For Halloween

By Bill Caraher Halloween is one of those holidays that both brings out our inner child and offers up a space for some interesting and carnivalesque social critiques. For example, no Halloween passes without some discussion of the appropriateness of various costumes. Is it acceptable to dress as Trump? As

Poetry: anonymous, as invisible man

By Lee Ann Roripaugh I agree to speak, but only on condition of anonymity I worry about my children being ostracized at school and still feel much shame for being unable to prevent over 150 thousand people having to flee their homes in the nuclear exclusion zone it happened so

Music: Leonard Cohen

With all the attention Bob Dylan has received lately, we almost overlooked that his darker (and more creepy) Canadian colleague and songster-poet, Leonard Cohen, released a new album this week titled You Want it Darker. It has garnered some strong reviews, and some good media attention. Check out the opening

Fiction: What’s Going On, What’s Coming Off

By Jonathan Baumbach My wife insists that I am never at a loss for something to write. It is how I sustain my idleness. Her belief in my productivity is almost as good as my actually being productive. It would be even better if she would on occasion write something

Occupying Elwyn: Contemporary Metaphors to Live By

Over the next few weeks, North Dakota Quarterly will reprint a series of short reviews that explore the legacy of Elwyn B. Robinson’s History of North Dakota on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Far from being a local book on a local place, Robinson’s History of North Dakota was ambitious in scope and elegant in execution.

Bob Dylan

It’s not that unusual for our two editors – Bill Caraher and Sharon Carson – to agree on something, and this week our tendency to agree made it easy to post something to celebrate Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize in literature. At North Dakota Quarterly, we have a soft spot for poets from the

Four Poems by Sheila Squillante

Round Baby Believes in Ghosts —for Carol Anne Baby believes in ghosts, of course she does. She can feel if not see their misty outlines, their heat wave patterns rising from some energy field, their once-corporal forms. Baby’s ghosts belong to her. Ancestral and loving, she longs to touch their

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