Month: November 2015

Music and Science

People usually don’t associate popular music with science. In fact, most people see pop music as little more than a pleasant distraction whereas science represents the intricate rhythms that structure our world.  Some folks know, of course, that Brain May from Queen has a PhD in astrophysics, Greg Graffin from

Flyway’s Notes From the Field Nonfiction Contest

Our friends down at Iowa State at Flyway: Journal of Writing and the Environment remind us that submissions for their Notes From the Field Nonfiction writing closes on December 1. Notes from the Field is a non-fiction contest celebrating writing about vivid experience–whether abroad, at home, in your line of work,

A Postcard From Paris: Rejecting the Idea of “Civilizational Crisis” after the Attacks of November 13

This year history professor Caroline Campbell has been in Paris doing archival research, and she has written this essay in response to last weeks terrorist attacks.   The horrific killings that happened in Paris last Friday night have devastated a city that many people love. The first time I went to Paris

Philosophical Reflections on the Paris Attacks

In the aftermath of the horrendous terrorist attacks in Paris is has been difficult to read or think about much else. Fortunately, there are folks willing to help us think through the events in Paris. Philosopher Jack Weinstein has published a piece titled “Yes, the attacks in Paris were about

University Press Week

It’s University Press Week, this week, and North Dakota Quarterly reaches out in congratulations and camaraderie to all those university presses that fill our shelves with new ideas, exciting thoughts, and demanding calls-to-arms. To get into the spirit of the week, be sure to check out the American Association of University

The University of North Dakota and the Great War

It is our pleasure to release the first volume in the North Dakota Quarterly Reprint Series. The University of North Dakota and the Great War honors veterans at UND and everywhere by pulling together nine unique views on World War I from the perspective of the University of North Dakota

Typeset Numbers

As volume 80.4 is almost off to the printer, we thought this cover embraced the spirit of the typesetting process. Digital tools have changed how we typeset, but they haven’t eliminated the tedium of making sure every page looks good, the anxiety that we’ll introduce some unnoticed error, or the

The Sun as Art

In seeming anticipation of our upcoming issue dedicated to Art and Science, NASA has released a brilliant new rendering of the sun compiled from images collected on 10 different wavelengths by their Solar Dynamics Observatory. The universe is a pretty dramatic place.

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