Essay: It Hardly Hurt a Bit

Over the last decade, I’ve thought a good bit about music and failure. In fact, when I wear my hat as a publisher, two of my favorite books from my small press deal with punk rock music (and archaeology) and the art of failing. Perhaps this is why Mike Miley’s essay, “It

Public Domain Day NDQ Style

Bill Caraher |  This year’s Public Domain Day was pretty exciting. It featured, among other things, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby which was published in 1925 and therefore entered the public domain on January 1. Hemingway’s In Our Time, John Dos Passos’s Manhattan Transfer and Edith Wharton’s The Writing of

NDQ at the End of 2020

Usually the end of a year can be bittersweet, but I think that most of us can agree that there is very little sweetness in the passing of 2020. That being said, we continue to be honored by the wide range of contributions that come to NDQ each week and the trust

North Dakota Quarterly 87.3/4 is out!

Bill Caraher | For the last three years, I’ve been editor of North Dakota Quarterly. Needless to say becoming editor has nudged me well beyond my conventional comfort zone. I’ve had to try to wrap my head around not only the intricacies of managing an editorial board and expert genre editors and also develop a

NDQ Books: Maya Poetry and the Great War

The NDQ gang has quietly been experimenting with producing books and have an eye toward a more ambitious and sustained experiment in book publishing next year with their parters at The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota and the University of Nebraska Press. This all began a few years ago

Giving, Getting, and Making NDQ at the Holidays

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, Tired Thursday, Frustrated Friday…  If you have an email or social media account, invariably you’ve been bombarded by requests to patronize or donate to any number of businesses, organizations, and causes. We’ve tried to stay pretty quiet and resisted the temptation to send

Poetry from Craig Santos Perez

One of my favorite poems in the forthcoming issue of NDQ (87/3/4) is Craig Santos Perez’s “from aerial roots [off-island chamorros]”. Part of what makes this poem so intriguing and exciting to me is the structure of the lines and their arrangement which really works much better in the print version of the Quarterly.

Judging an Issue by its Cover

The great thing about a journal with as much history at North Dakota Quarterly is that its past is a constant inspiration. For the cover 87.3/4, our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press decided to kick it olde skool with a design that would have looked at home on a

A Musical Interlude

Bill Caraher | There’s a lot going on these days. From the slow churn of election results to the rapid increase in COVID cases, every day feels syncopated with moments of stress and hope. It’s exhausting. I often find some peace in music and thought that I should share some of the more recent

Fiction from Erin McIntosh: The Doll’s House

The autumn just feels more Gothic than other seasons (at least here in North Dakotaland). The days get shorter, the weather cooler and more abrupt, and the sun lower in the sky. To celebrate this annual turn, we decided to share another story from our forthcoming issue, NDQ 87.3/4. Erin McIntosh’s “The

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