Priscilla Long in the Quarterly

Yesterday, I sent the last pieces for issue 87.3/4 out for copy editing ahead to get a bit of a jump on what will likely be a hectic fall semester here in North Dakota Quarterly-land.  To celebrate, I had planned to make a short announcement that we would be observing

Poetry from Diane Scholl: In the Field Museum

We’re beginning to look ahead to issue 87.3/4 which will go to press this fall and we thought it would be fun to release a few pieces from it early. Maybe this tempts you to renew your subscription or download our last issue (for free) to see if NDQ is

Remembering John Lewis

Sharon Carson | We at NDQ join with people around the country and the world in grief over the loss last week of John Lewis, a lifelong and tireless activist for human rights and human dignity. Lewis, who died on July 17 at age 80, has long been an iconic


Bill Caraher |  I have this fantasy about writing a book about my experiences in a small town in North Dakota. I know that someone has already written that book. I also know that it’s a useful fantasy to have while walking the dogs, changing my truck’s oil, and mowing the

Short Take: The Return of Test Cricket

Bill Caraher |  For those of us who enjoy our sport, the spring and summer has felt particularly strange. It is therefore cause for celebration as one-by-one, for better or for worse, sport is returning to the television. Boxing came back about a month ago, fighting from a secure bubble

A Poem by Kirby Olson: 1453 and All That

In my other life, I study the Eastern Mediterranean from the 5th to 10th century AD mostly as a field archaeologist. This means that I think about Constantinople from time to time, and 1453 invariably looms large in my professional consciousness.  I also spent a good bit of time in my

Short Take: The Left Book Club Edition of Returning to Reims

Sharon Carson |  A copy of French writer Didier Eribon’s beautifully crafted memoir Returning to Reims recently landed in my mailbox thanks to the U.K. based Left Book Club (more on the LBC below). Here’s the trademark yellow-jacketed LBC edition. Originally published in 2009, Returning to Reims has been available in English translation since

Fiction: Andrea Gregory’s Activities

We’re very happy to share Andrea Gregory’s story “Activities” as a little reminder that while we won’t be accepting new poetry and non-fiction submissions until August, we will continue to read your fiction. Send us your stories! Andrea Gregory’s story feels very current as individuals and communities around the world attempt to find

Mainstreaming Racial Slurs: White Nationalism Comes Home to Roost

By Gayatri Devi | The historic and uniquely white American racist slur against Native Americans—”The only good Indian is a dead Indian” – made a recent comeback on 17 May 2020, when Couy Griffin, the District 2 Commissioner of Otero county, New Mexico told an assembled audience at the New

A Peaceful Poem for a Windy Summer: Still

There’s something about Bonnie Larson Staiger’s poem “Still” that reminds me of summer evenings where the heat of the day begins to break and the North Dakota wind (always more than a breeze) brings a bit of relief.  With all the chaos in the world today, maybe “Still” will offer a moment of

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