Filling the Lull

There’s always a lull between issues. It’s a weird time when the last issue is in the hands of readers and the next issue is starting to wend its way though production.  We’ve even pressed the annual pause button on poetry and essay submissions.  It’s a good time to encourage

Essay: Teach a Girl to Make a Fire

North Dakota Quarterly is proudly based at the University of North Dakota. As a result, this time of year, we invariably start to think about teaching and how the things we do, both in and outside the classroom shape the lives of people around us. As I hunkered down by

Short Take: Race and Urbanism in Nia DaCosta’s Candyman

Gayatri Devi | Candyman, Director Nia DaCosta, Written by Jordan Peele, 2021. Thirty years ago, I almost completely missed the blatant racism of the first Candyman film (1992) because of the intentionally revolting imagery of the film that triggered not only a psychosomatic fear and horror, but also aversion and disgust in the viewer.

The Year in Review

The crew here at NDQ is happy to have survived another chaotic year and managed, but just barely, to have produced two robust volumes of fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and art. The entire editorial staff sends along its appreciation for everyone who entrusted us with their work and took the

Some Holiday Recommendation

Bill Caraher |  As we approach the end of the year and the holiday season, it seems like a good time to share a few of my favorite things. Let’s start with this version of “My Favorite Things” played by Sun Ra and featuring John Gilmore performed in 1977 and released

Short Take: We Are What We Remember

Sharon Carson |  Here in North Dakota, we have recently endured watching one of those “Ban the Teaching of Critical Race Theory” bills fly through a special session of the legislature, complete with high-pitch handwringing in our majority party by people who clearly can’t define Critical Race Theory but who

New Fiction: The Story I Tell Myself

There is a lot going on in the world and, as Ian Woollen’s story says in its first line our “return-to-normal plot needs tweaking. Some days I feel optimistic, some days not so much.” This feels like a fitting story for where we are right now as a society and as

The Poems of Mallory Nygard: Thanksgiving, 1993 and Preservation

In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday. For many people its a nice holiday to get together with family, watch some sports on TV, and over indulge.  For other such as Mallory Nygard, it has another significance, which I’ll let an savvy reader sort out from her poem “Thanksgiving,

Poetry from Bonnie Larson Staiger

Every now and then we have the privilege of sharing good news from one our authors and this is one of those nows and thens. We are excited to congratulate Bonnie Larson Staiger on the publication of her latest volume of poetry, In Plains Sight, by our friends in Fargo at

Cover for NDQ 88.3/4

Today I’ll turn my attention to the final steps in preparing North Dakota Quarterly for publication. At this point of the process most of the heavy lifting has been done by our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press, but my contributors have eagerly completed reviewing their final proofs, and I simply

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