NDQ 86.3/4 by the Numbers

When every issue of NDQ is sent to the publishers, I do some basic numbers work just to try to summarize the issue a bit. It’s probably best if you don’t check my maths too carefully, but based on my casual reckoning, NDQ 86.3/4 will feature 5 essays, 6 stories, 14

Issue 86.3/4 Table of Contents

This week issue NDQ 86.3/4 went off to our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press. I think I can speak for the entire editorial board when I say that we’re proud of this issue and excited to get it into the hands of our readers!  Look for this issue

Autumnal Poetry from Elina Petrova

Elina Petrova has contributed a quartet of autumnal poems to North Dakota Quarterly and they’re all queued up to appear in issue 86.3/4. We’re presenting the first of the four here and maybe we’ll post another one in the coming weeks. As this first poem suggests, they very good and

Parataxis and the Quarterly: An Update on NDQ 86.3/4

Just a quick update this morning from the North Dakota Quarterly office. Issue 86.3/4 is back from the copy editors and authors have received their edited work for review and final changes. Once I receive all the poems, stories, and essays back from the authors, I’ll set them in the

Two Poems from Kimberly Becker

Kimberly Becker’s poems are as breathtaking as they are thought provoking. It was an honor to publish three of her poems in the most recent North Dakota Quarterly, and it is exciting for me, as editor, to share two of these poems on the web today. Rumor has it that we have another, unpublished poem

An Island of Cocktails on the Internet

The internet is a magical place with so many strange alleys, dramatic boulevards, and scenic country roads. That you’ve decided to stop by the North Dakota Quarterly page or that one of the webs winding pathways led you here is nothing short of a miracle.  Every now and then, something on the internet is

Shadow Matter

North Dakota Quarterly is proudly based at the University of North Dakota. As a result, we feel the start of the academic year quite acutely. Students return, faculty return, and campus returns to life. It’s almost impossible not to think about the classic campus novels, whether Kingsley Amos’s Lucky Jim,

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