The New Issue’s Cover

Yesterday, we received page proofs from our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press and this included four options for the cover. The cover art is based on a series of prints by our art editor Ryan Stander called “Pursue _______________:” The sentiments on the panels were crowd-sourced and printed using a

Eric Sevareid and the National Crisis

Over the last few weeks, the History Department at the University of North Dakota is moving from its current home in the old medical school building to temporary offices around campus. This is a bit more of a process than one might expect in that a number of us have grown roots

Spring 1991

The cover of Spring 1991 issue of NDQ is among my favorites (it’s issue 59.2 for those of you who keep a scorecard). The cover art is by Nancy Friese and is titled Deer Path. As the cover indicates it is a sweeping review of nature writers and nature writing which seems particularly appropriate

University of North Dakota’s Writers Conference

Each year, the week after spring break sees the arrival of the University of North Dakota Writers Conference. It is an annual celebration of writing and writers featuring panels, readings, community events, and socializing. The conference starts tomorrow, will stream online, and is open to the public  This year’s conference is

The Poetry of Ana Maria Spagna

Congratulations to Ana Maria Spagna for being nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her poem “California Gold” which appeared in NDQ 87.1/2. Pushcart Prizes recognize the best writing from small presses and little magazines like North Dakota Quarterly. And a nomination is an honor we greedily share with our authors. 

Hope, Springtime, and Poetry

This time of year always brings me a feeling of hope. Some of this has to do with the first (and often fleeting) glimpse of spring, some of this has to do with the arrival of Easter and Passover, which are inherently hopeful holidays, and some of this might have to

NDQ 88.1/2 Table of Contents

This past week, I sent off issue NDQ 88.1/2 to our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press. The issue is balanced a bit more toward prose than the last two which has less to do with the quality of submissions in poetry and more to do with the remarkable fiction

Remembering Lawrence Ferlinghetti

As news and tributes to the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti pour in from across the social media and the internet, NDQ thought it would be appropriate to recognize Ferlinghetti’s influence on  our little corner of the world. A good start would be the contribution by James McKenzie to our 2017 issue celebrating the Thomas McGrath centennial.

From the Archives: Starbuck and The Moon

Over the last few weeks, my colleagues in the history department have been preparing their offices for a move. We’re going to be located somewhere temporarily and then moved back into renovated offices in our current building. The new offices are going to smaller than the ones that we have

The Art of Marco Hernandez

In issue 87.3/4, NDQ was honored to feature ten prints from the artist Marco Hernandez. Hernandez’s work drew upon both his Mexican upbringing and his experiences in the United States as a Mexican-American. The print “Regando el Maiz y el Nopal” appeared on the cover of the Quarterly.  His work used his distinctive

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