Three Poems from Jenny L. Davis

The poetry and prose that I read each month in my capacity as editor of North Dakota Quarterly often speaks to me, but it rarely speaks to me on a professional level in my day job is as a field archaeologist and historian. Jenny L. Davis’s poems in issue 86.3/4 manage both to

Indians of Alcatraz: 50th Anniversary of the Native American Occupation of Alcatraz (1969-1971)

Gayatri Devi, Contributing Editor, North Dakota Quarterly 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Native American occupation of Alcatraz island that lasted 19 months from 20 November 1969 to 11 June 1971.  The occupation has been variously interpreted as an act of civil disobedience as well as the “first major instance of pan-Indian

Walking: Two Poems by Becky Kennedy

The latest issue of NDQ (86.3/4) went to print yesterday, so start obsessively checking your mail boxes for it maybe over Thanksgiving week.  To celebrate getting another issue under our belt and the arrival of winter for many parts of the United States, here are two poems by Becky Kennedy. Of

Submission Deadline Is…

There is a lot going on in the NDQ offices these days not the least of which is putting the final touches on NDQ 86.3/4. Do check back her regularly for more content from that issue (or better still, subscribe and get NDQ delivered to your door!)  As a result,

North Dakota Quarterly 86.3/4 Covers!

Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, by universe comes to stop as a new issue of North Dakota Quarterly streaks across the sky. Suddenly, I’m managing the editing and production workflow for 90-100 pieces of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction carefully selected by genre editors. These go to

The rain: a poem by Marcus Amaker

There are moments when the weather and the mood intersect and draw my attention to a poem. Marcus Amaker’s contribution to the upcoming issue of NDQ (86.3/4) evokes the steady rhythm of an autumnal rain in the south and uses it to articulate the history and lingering pain of racism in the

The Poetry of David Salner

Congratulations to NDQ contributor David Salaner for the publication of his most recent volume of poems, The Stillness of Certain Valleys, from Broadstone Books. A trio of his poems appeared win NDQ 86.1/2 and “Wyoming Pastoral” and part of a “Dream of Quitting Time” also appear in his new book.  To

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