Hemingway in the Quarterly

When Robert W. Lewis joined the University of North Dakota English department in 1969, his scholarship and interest in Hemingway was already well established, and Hemingway became Lewis’s life-long passion although his interests and writing ranged widely. While teaching at the University of Texas in 1965, he published Hemingway on Love (Austin 1965).

In 1982, Lewis became Editor of North Dakota Quarterly and soon after the journal began publishing articles of Hemingway criticism. NDQ went on to publish eight volumes devoted to Hemingway (at least one ran to more than 300 pages) and a number of individual essays. Meanwhile Lewis continued to research and write about Hemingway. He was president of the Hemingway Society and the series editor for a number of Reading Hemingway books published by Kent State University Press. In addition, he co-edited (with Robert Fleming) and published Under Kilimanjaro (Kent, OH 2005), a novel based on journals Hemingway wrote during his last safari.

Fall  03 Hem2 Cropped

Special Issues

John J. Michalczyk and Sergio Villani eds. Malraux, Hemingway, and Embattled Spain. NDQ 60.2 (1992).

The Nick Adams Review. NDQ 63.3 (1993): 34-159.

Ernest Hemingway: New Interpretations. NDQ 64.3 (1997).

[More Hemingway]. NDQ 65.3 (1998).

Ernest Hemingway: Centennial Issue. NDQ 66.2 (1999).

Hemingway in the Millennium. NDQ 68.2-3 (2001).

Hemingway: Life and Art. NDQ 70.4 (2003).

Hemingway: Places and People. NDQ 73.1-2 (2006)


Seth Bovy, “The Western Code of Hemingway’s Gambler,” NDQ 58.3 (1990), 86-93.

Donald Junkins, “Hemingway’s Old Lady and the Aesthetics of Pundonor,” NDQ 62.2 (1994-1995): 195-204.

Robert E. Fleming, “Portrait of the Artist as a Bad Man: Hemingway’s Career at a Crossroad,” NDQ 55.1 (1987): 66-71

Robert E. Fleming, “The Hills Remain: The Mountain West of Hemingway’s Island Manuscript,” NDQ 58.3 (1990): 79-85.

Robert Gajdusek, “A Brief Safari into the Religious Terrain of Green Hills of Africa,” NDQ 60.3 (1992): 26-40.

Robert Gajdusek, “Sacrifice and Redemption: The Meaning of the Boy/Son and Man/Father Dialectic in the Work of Ernest Hemingway,” NDQ 62.2 (1994-1995): 166-180.

Lloyd Halliburton, “Hemingway’s Use of Máquina in For Whom the Bell Tolls: A Reconsideration,” NDQ 62.2 (1994-1995): 183-192.

Linda Patterson Miller, “Ernest Hemingway and ‘Understanding the Rich’,” NDQ 55.1 (1987): 125-136

Erik Nakjavani, “On Autobiography and Multiple Personality: The Case of Morely Callaghan Remembering Ernest Hemingway,” NDQ 62.2 (1994-1995): 55-82.

James Plath, “Fishing for Tension: The Dynamics of Hemingway’s ‘Big Two Hearted River’,” NDQ 62.2 (1994-1995): 159-165.

Paul Smith, “Stein’s Remarks, Heminway’s Literature,” NDQ 62.2 (1994-1995): 95-102.

William Braasch Watson, “Investigating Hemingway: The Story,” NDQ 59.1 (1991), 38-68.

William Braasch Watson, “Investigating Hemingway: The Trip,” NDQ 59.3 (1991): 79-95.

William Braasch Watson, “Investigating Hemingway: The Novel,” NDQ 60.1 (1992), 1-27.

William Braasch Watson, “Investigating Hemingway: The Scene,” NDQ 62.2 (1994-1995): 11-41.

Max Westbrook, “Text, Ritual, and Memory: Hemingway’s ‘Big Two-Hearted River’,” NDQ 60.3 (1992), 14-25.

2 Replies to “Hemingway in the Quarterly”

  1. Tracy says:

    How can I find this article “Oh, Give the Bird a Chance: Nature and Vilification in Hemingway’s The Torrents of Spring“


  2. Sam says:

    How do I have my article added to this list? It was a 2014 edition, entitled “What Papa Saw” about Hemingway and Cezanne.


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