Month: January 2020

Fiction: Scientific Methods by James Sallis

One of the really great things about little magazines is that authors often feel a sense a loyalty and over the years submit regularly creating a balance between new and familiar voices. Such is the case with Jim Sallis. From what I can gather, his first contribution to NDQ was

Unvarnished: A Poem by Amalia Dillin

I’m excited to share with everyone today “Unvarnished” from Amalia Dillin. The poem evokes the anxieties of our media saturated world in the life of a writer. I suspect that most of our readers and contributors will be able to recognize the delicate tension between being of the world and being

Short Fiction: Megan Howell’s Harper and Marisol

This week, issue 87.1/2 went off to the copy editors meaning that it is well and truly in production! To celebrate this landmark, I thought that I’d share one of my favorite pieces of short fiction from recent issues, Megan Howell’s “Harper and Marisol.” The story channels the anxiety of the

NDQ 2019 Year in Review

… TAP TAP TAP… is this thing on? Happy New Year?  We hope that NDQ readers come to the NDQ blog from time to time. Each week we try to publish something new and different. Often it’s a poem, story, or essay from a volume of NDQ. Sometimes it’s an update

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