Month: July 2020

Poetry from Diane Scholl: In the Field Museum

We’re beginning to look ahead to issue 87.3/4 which will go to press this fall and we thought it would be fun to release a few pieces from it early. Maybe this tempts you to renew your subscription or download our last issue (for free) to see if NDQ is

Remembering John Lewis

Sharon Carson | We at NDQ join with people around the country and the world in grief over the loss last week of John Lewis, a lifelong and tireless activist for human rights and human dignity. Lewis, who died on July 17 at age 80, has long been an iconic


Bill Caraher |  I have this fantasy about writing a book about my experiences in a small town in North Dakota. I know that someone has already written that book. I also know that it’s a useful fantasy to have while walking the dogs, changing my truck’s oil, and mowing the

Short Take: The Return of Test Cricket

Bill Caraher |  For those of us who enjoy our sport, the spring and summer has felt particularly strange. It is therefore cause for celebration as one-by-one, for better or for worse, sport is returning to the television. Boxing came back about a month ago, fighting from a secure bubble

A Poem by Kirby Olson: 1453 and All That

In my other life, I study the Eastern Mediterranean from the 5th to 10th century AD mostly as a field archaeologist. This means that I think about Constantinople from time to time, and 1453 invariably looms large in my professional consciousness.  I also spent a good bit of time in my

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