Month: December 2017

North Dakota Quarterly’s Top Reads of 2017

This is the time of year when every website publishes lists, and while North Dakota Quarterly has worked hard not to be “every website,” we do think there is some value in gently directing the reader back to some of the more notable articles and pages that we posted this

Maxwell Anderson in 1911: The Masque of the Pedagogues

For over 100 years, North Dakota Quarterly has made its home at the University of North Dakota. For the last 60 years, NDQ has been much more than a university journal. At the same time, the rhythm of work on NDQ, its home in an academic building, and academic standing

Wayside Sacraments: Some Free Beauty from Ryan Stander

Ryan Stander is North Dakota Quarterly’s new art editor and to celebrate this, we’ve convinced him to share a little gaggle of his photographs from his instagram feed. Ryan hails from Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota. His work (in his own words!): “explores the reciprocal relationship between humanity

Micah Bloom’s Skeleton Tree

Brian James Schill If ever there were an artifact that captured the sound of life disintegrating, it is Nick Cave’s 2016 record Skeleton Tree. Produced as Cave was working through the loss of his son Arthur, Skeleton is less a pop album than an accidental elegy—an eschatological document finally worthy

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