Month: September 2022

NDQ at the Northern Great Plains History Conference

If you’re from our neck of the woods and planning to attend the Northern Great Plains History Conference in Fargo. Drop by our panel on the “State of the State’s Journals” to hear me talk about the “state” of North Dakota Quarterly at 10 am.  If you’re not from ’round

Archie Roach and Uncle Jack Charles

On Wednesday the Aboriginal community in Australia lost another of its more compelling voices with the passing of Uncle Jack Charles. Last month, they saw the passing of Archie Roach. Both men were important voices of the stolen generations. Roach was a singer and a song writer and Charles was a

It’s Football Season: A Review of Colin in Black and White

Nothing goes together better than North Dakota Quarterly and football, right? After all, we’ve discussed baseball (here and here), cricket, cycling, and even had a poetry editor who holds the record for most interceptions in a season at the University of Massachusetts. When you think about, putting NDQ and the NFL together seems

Poetry from Cyndie Zikmund

As we’ve entered week two of the semester, my practicum course on editing and publishing has once again selected a poem to appear this week on the webpage from our most recent issue NDQ 89.1/2. Cyndie Zikmund’s “Man on Twitter Who Isn’t Your Friend” embodies the tension between the world of

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