Month: June 2022

Women and the Quarterly

Bill Caraher | I think it’s fair to say that events of last week shook many readers, contributors, editors, and friends of North Dakota Quarterly. I continue to struggle to process the Supreme Court’s decision and the legislative fall out across the United States. I know that I’m not in the position

The Art of Listening

Sharon Carson | This year, our NDQ blog nod to Pride invites you to cool off in the seasonal heat by venturing down some elaborate audio rabbit holes, along paths created via a collaboration between WFMT radio in Chicago, the Chicago History Museum, and those talented archivists dedicated to making

“Son, I just told you”: On Believing and the Poetry of John Poff

It’s summertime and in the U.S. this still means baseball. It seems fitting, then, to feature some poetry from John Poff who was a major leaguer and is a brilliant poet. As our poetry editor, Paul Worley, points out in his introduction, his work isn’t so much about baseball as

A Letter from the Archive

This spring, I once again had the privilege of packing the North Dakota Quarterly office into boxes in preparation for a move to another new office. This is always a treat because I get to learn how much NDQ’s archive weighs and how many reasonably sized boxes it takes to

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