Month: June 2020

Short Take: The Left Book Club Edition of Returning to Reims

Sharon Carson |  A copy of French writer Didier Eribon’s beautifully crafted memoir Returning to Reims recently landed in my mailbox thanks to the U.K. based Left Book Club (more on the LBC below). Here’s the trademark yellow-jacketed LBC edition. Originally published in 2009, Returning to Reims has been available in English translation since

Fiction: Andrea Gregory’s Activities

We’re very happy to share Andrea Gregory’s story “Activities” as a little reminder that while we won’t be accepting new poetry and non-fiction submissions until August, we will continue to read your fiction. Send us your stories! Andrea Gregory’s story feels very current as individuals and communities around the world attempt to find

Mainstreaming Racial Slurs: White Nationalism Comes Home to Roost

By Gayatri Devi | The historic and uniquely white American racist slur against Native Americans—”The only good Indian is a dead Indian” – made a recent comeback on 17 May 2020, when Couy Griffin, the District 2 Commissioner of Otero county, New Mexico told an assembled audience at the New

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