Month: February 2019

Apartment Windows in January

It would seem that my penchant for literalism continues for another week with Marjorie Power’s poem “Apartment Windows in January.” We’re enjoying a few more days of January type temperatures here in the Northern Plains and her poem evokes the beauty of the cold. It appears in NDQ 85 which

Chronoscope 126: The moon, the closest orbit

At the risk of being accused of a kind of literalism, this poem by John Walser which will appear in NDQ 85 has been banging around in my head all week. Check out more from volume 85 here. Subscribe. Submit. Chronoscope 126: The moon, the closest orbit By John Walser The


A sample from NDQ 85: Clay Matthew’s “clutch”: clutch at the transmission shop talking with an old man who tells me about his bad hip, the pipe that blew from his semi and knocked all his teeth out, his boy running a crotch rocket into a van, steel rods screwed

An NDQ Volume by its Cover

We’re getting closer and closer to NDQ 85 being ready. I will send back the final edits to our partners at University of Nebraska Press this morning and finalize the cover design. I think we’re far enough along now, though, to give our readers a sneak peak of the cover.

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