Month: February 2022

Poetry from Robert Fillman

It is cold here in North Dakota (Quarterly) Land and it feels appropriate to share a wintery poem. Robert Fillman’s “Salting the Driveway (With Help)” is the kind of intergeneration meditation that breathes unexpected depth into an otherwise mundane activity. Poems like this (and this one in particular) prepare us to

Poetry from Lisa Creech Bledsoe

Every now and then, I get some positive emails and comments about a poem, story, or essay. The last couple weeks I’ve had some nice remarks about Lisa Creech Beldsoe’s poem “Finishing My First Agatha Christie Novel over Breakfast, Then the News.” The poem appeared in NDQ 88.3/4. The poem is a brilliant reflection

Pompeii Dreams

Bill Caraher | I don’t think very often about Pompeii, mostly because there are other folks who think a good bit and more carefully about it, but every now and then something happens that makes me aware of how ubiquitous Pompeii is in our popular culture. For example, this week, I’ve been enjoying

Fiction from Tallia Deitsch: The Famous Patient

Cold winter weekends are perfect for short fiction (actually, all weekends are, but I’m trying to embrace the current weather). It is our pleasure to share another story from NDQ 88.3/4: “The Famous Patient” by Tallia Deitsch. It tells the story of a caregiver’s time with the reclusive, and exceedingly difficult Mr.

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