Month: March 2017

Monuments in Music: 1967, 1987, and 1997

The first six months of 2017 witnessed a number of key milestones in the history of popular, rock and roll, music. The albums offer perspectives on the anxieties of the last 50 years which whatever one thinks of the music or the artists remain relevant today. In 1967, the Velvet

Viet Thanh Nguyen at the UND Writers Conference

Sharon Carson As this year’s University of North Dakota Writers Conference kicks off with the theme “Citizen,” North Dakota Quarterly invites our readers to a remarkable novel: The Sympathizer, written in 2015 by Viet Thanh Nguyen. Nguyen will participate in a noon panel and give the first public reading of

The University of North Dakota Writers Conference

As winter struggles to give way to spring here on the Northern Plains, it means that it is time for the annual University of North Dakota Writers Conference. Started in 1970 as a gathering called the Southern Writers Conference of the Arts, the annual gathering of writers and readers has

More Whitman

I suppose a lot of people are saying these days that the world (or maybe even the U.S.) is cut through with irreconcilable differences. That may be the case, but following up from our post last week on the discovery of a lost Walt Whitman novel, it seems like a

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