Month: January 2022

Review: Finding Self in the Bakken North Dakota Oil Boom

A few years ago, during the darkest day of the Quarterly, I wondered whether we might pivot the entire project toward something I called (in my cloudiest of heads) the North Dakota Review. Needless to say this project never happened (and probably for the best), but North Dakota Quarterly has

Filling the Lull

There’s always a lull between issues. It’s a weird time when the last issue is in the hands of readers and the next issue is starting to wend its way though production.  We’ve even pressed the annual pause button on poetry and essay submissions.  It’s a good time to encourage

Essay: Teach a Girl to Make a Fire

North Dakota Quarterly is proudly based at the University of North Dakota. As a result, this time of year, we invariably start to think about teaching and how the things we do, both in and outside the classroom shape the lives of people around us. As I hunkered down by

Short Take: Race and Urbanism in Nia DaCosta’s Candyman

Gayatri Devi | Candyman, Director Nia DaCosta, Written by Jordan Peele, 2021. Thirty years ago, I almost completely missed the blatant racism of the first Candyman film (1992) because of the intentionally revolting imagery of the film that triggered not only a psychosomatic fear and horror, but also aversion and disgust in the viewer.

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