Month: November 2014

Interview with Dee Redfearn

Dolores (Dee) Redfearn is the author of “Paper Cut,” the first essay featured in the current issue (Vol. 80.1) of the North Dakota Quarterly. Her essay is about her struggle with necrotizing fasciitis, which she defines in the essay as “an insidiously advancing soft-tissue infection of the flesh-eating kind,” that

Meet the Interns: Ashley

My name is Ashley Rogahn, and I am a senior at the University of North Dakota. I am an English major with an emphasis on writing, editing, and publishing, and I am also minoring in Geogr…aphy. Once I graduate, I want to work in publishing and editing while writing in

Interview with Patrick Hunt

Patrick Hunt is the author of “A Half Kilo of Dragons,” an essay featured in the current issue (Vol. 80.1) of North Dakota Quarterly. His essay is about being lost in translation in a strange, cold place. While teaching in Mongolia, Hunt reached a breaking point during a misunderstanding between

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