Month: April 2016

Call for Submissions: Special Issue on Thomas McGrath

For almost 50 years, North Dakota Quarterly published work by and about the poet Thomas McGrath. Now NDQ plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, November 20, 2016, with an issue devoted to him and his work. This call for papers seeks previously unpublished material about McGrath as

On the Radio: NDQ on Prairie Public’s Main Street

We should hear poetry read. With almost every issue of North Dakota Quarterly, Bill Thomas, the Director of Radio at Prairie Public Radio, reads some of the most recent issue. Check it out on Main Street at the 27 minute mark.

Short Take: Bureaucracies in a Transnational Perspective

Sharon Carson Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar, The Time Regulation Institute. Introduction by Pankaj Mishra. Translated from the Turkish by Maureen Freely and Alexander Dawe. Penguin Books, 2013. These days it’s not hard to imagine someone writing a satiric novel about the recent North Dakota oil boom. It could easily include a send-up

North Dakota Quarterly and Budget Cuts: What Can You Do?

We’d like to thank everyone who has sent notes of support, words of encouragement, and thoughts our way as we begin to look ahead toward a new future for North Dakota Quarterly. We particularly appreciate the willingness of subscribers, contributors, and colleagues to be part of this process. To keep

North Dakota Quarterly and the Budget Cuts at the University of North Dakota

North Dakota Quarterly, an interdisciplinary public humanities journal published at the University of North Dakota for more than 83 years, has been notified that it will lose its funding in the current wave of budget cuts at UND. Effective August 15th, NDQ will no longer have salary for its managing

New Issue: North Dakota Quarterly 83.1

North Dakota Quarterly is pleased to announce the release of our newest issue, Volume 83.1. Chuck Kimmerle’s lovely black and white photographs point to the chilly and sometimes chilling themes found in this Winter issue. On the cover, lines of leafless trees stand against the bleak backdrop of snow covered

Podcast: Kim Stanley Robinson and Archaeological Science Fiction

This week, we’re being a little experimental and expanding the media that appears on the NDQ page. We’re collaborating with the Caraheard podcast to bring some audio goodness to our readers. Enjoy! Bill Caraher and Richard Rothaus were lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with Kim Stanley

Poetry: Subtraction and the Body is No Scientist by Katharine Coles

Two poems by Katharine Coles from NDQ 80.4-82.4. She’s a featured speaker at this years University of North Dakota Writers Conference. Subtraction Katharine Coles The black art of “borrowing” . . . is only a little more baroque than that of “carrying.” Steven Stogatz, The New York Times Hard to

Short Take: Rare Views of Natural History

Kathryn Sweney The UND Writers Conference starts tomorrow. Its theme—“The Art of Science”—is the perfect excuse to point out a book that is the very embodiment of that theme: Tom Baione ed., Natural Histories: Extraordinary Rare Book Selections from the American Museum of Natural History Library (New York 2014). Check out some of

The University of North Dakota Writers Conference

This week is the 47th annual UND Writers Conference. It gives us a chance here at North Dakota Quarterly headquarters to rub shoulders with some of our contributors and to meet some genuinely exceptional writers read their works and talk about the craft of writing. This year’s theme, “The Art

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