Month: March 2018


Visions By Michael Benedict Howard Woods is alone in his office. He sits turned away from the e-mail he should be writing, looking out the window and down to 27th Street, trying to decide if the woman crossing against the light is attractive; he is studying her sandy hair, her

The University of North Dakota’s Writers Conference

The first week after spring break every year (well, at least for the last 49 years), is the University of North Dakota’s Writers Conference. It’s an annual gathering of writers and readers from around the world and around the state. This year’s theme is “Truth and Lies” which seems both intriguing and

A North Dakota Quarterly Reader

When I first became interested in North Dakota Quarterly about five years ago or so, I floated the idea that we mine the back content of NDQ to create a series of readers on various topics. I figured that this might be a way to show off the “best of

Life Sentence

Life Sentence By Brian Walter Alice Dodge was falling fast, her already-orphaned son leaping to the hospital window a second too late to save her, her daughter peering up from the hard pavement with a look of dawning horror as the dot in the sky above her—curled curiously almost into

Three Notes on Friends

It is a happy situation to be able to share news about friends on the North Dakota Quarterly page. First, congratulations to our former poetry editor Heidi Czerweic who won the Robert C. Jones Prize for short fiction for her soon-to-be-published book of collected essays titled Fluid States by Pleides Press. The

To Acknowledge Distance (PS—)

To Acknowledge Distance By Chris Wells NDQ is proud to publish, in serial, Chris Wells’s novella, To Acknowledge Distance, which originally appeared in volume 84.3/4 (2018). This is part 2; here is part 1. PS— 1. No longer pretend that I am Ferdinand. Now an “I” speaks with a different aim—no longer a character but

Snichimal Vayuchil

Last fall, Snichimal Vayuchil or Flowery Dream, a collection of translated Tsotsil Mayan poems edited and translated by Paul Worley became the first North Dakota Quarterly Supplement. The plan was for it to be a digital download, but after the success of download, we decided to expand the content a bit and include

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