Month: August 2022

Poetry from John Grey for the Start of the Semester: Biomath

This semester, North Dakota Quarterly is collaborating with an exciting group of University of North Dakota undergraduates who are taking a practicum in editing and publishing. This class will give them a chance to contribute to many aspects of NDQ’s regular operations.  As the first assignment, I asked them to

A Poem by Ron Dowell: I reckon a move to Cube

Living here in North Dakota it is sometimes easy to think of poetry as being an overly bucolic affair. This is, of course, insane (or at least not very smart). After all, one of my favorite books of poetry published in recent years is Jim Daniels’ Gun/Shy which is firmly

The Poetry of Jimmy Carter

Last month Lane Chasek, whose poem “Surviving Mardi Gras” we published in North Dakota Quarterly 87.3/4, posted a cool little story about his grandmother and NDQ on his blog. He recounted that his grandmother read few literary journals and NDQ was one of them because we published a handful of Jimmy Carter’s poems

Essay: Taylor Brorby’s The Fracking of My Body

Earlier this summer, Taylor Brorby published Boys and Oil: Growing Up Gay in a Fractured Land (Liveright 2022). The book has received strong reviews and Taylor is doing the rounds of readings and interviews (which you can read here, here, and here). Over the last decade, Brorby has emerged as one of

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