Month: June 2021

A Poem by John Walser: Chronoscope 181: And that spot

Last week, I mentioned that as the day grow longer, time seems to slow down a bit. I tend to take advantage of the longer days by going for long rides in the North Dakota countryside. Invariably these rides lead to the places described in this poem.  John Walser’s Chronoscope series

Fiction from Katie Edkins Milligan: Witness

Summertime is reading season when for many people, the pace of life slows down a bit as days get longer and with that extra daylight comes a feeling that there is always time to read one more chapter or one more poem. To celebrate the long days of June and July,

Submission Period Extended (just a tiny bit!)

I have no idea how it is June 3rd already. This year has done strange things with time. In some cases, COVID isolation has caused one day to bleed into the next giving the past year a sense suspended animation. To recognize the strange things that are happening to time,

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