Month: March 2022

Judith Šalgo in Translation

North Dakota Quarterly would like to offer a hearty congratulations to our friend, NDQ contributor, and general bon vivant John Cox. He was recognized as the best translator of Serbian literature in 2021 by the Serbian PEN Center. You can read a bit about it here. This major literary accomplishment celebrates John’s work translating the of a

The UND Writers Conference

Each year there are two signs of springs reluctant arrival here in North Dakota [Quarterly] Land: flood warning along the various rivers in the area and the UND Writers Conference. The latter is decidedly more positive than the former. The UND Writers Conference is an annual gather of national (and

The Last Pages of NDQ 89.1/2: Cameron Brooks Red Light

A few issues ago, I started a tradition of publishing on the blog the last contribution to the issue. This might be because I have a nagging fear that readers won’t turn to the final pages of the journal or that if they read NDQ cover to cover (which I

Two Poems by Dmitry Blizniuk

North Dakota Quarterly 89.1/2 features a special section on literature in translation which includes two poems from Dmitry Blizniuk translated by Sergey Gerasimov. Blizniuk is a Ukrainian poet who lives in Kharkov. We had no idea twelve months ago when we accepted these poems for translation that he would be surviving

Table of Contents for NDQ 89.1/2

On Monday, the next issue of North Dakota Quarterly went to our publishing partners at the University of Nebraska Press. It is a pretty exciting issue (and not just because it’s almost done!). NDQ 89.1/2 includes not only the usual gaggle of stories, essays, and poetry, but a special section on

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