Getting the Brand Back Together

I really dislike the concept of branding. In particular, I dislike the idea that brands have value and that there is a responsibility to the value inherent in a brand. Over the past few years, I’ve been confronted by a number of individuals who view the brand as major part

A Song about Your Needs

The other day, while getting the last of the contributor’s bios and publication agreements together for North Dakota Quarterly 85, Rick Watson sent along a little song.  It’s nothing particularly fancy, but when I received it, first thing in the morning, it made my day. I asked Rick if I

All the Bodies

All the Bodies William Stobb About the Recording Poetry and shorter prose forms come more naturally to me than does a longer piece like “All the Bodies.” I find it really hard to write all the way across the page without just hitting return and creating a line break. All

Subscribe to North Dakota Quarterly!

Yesterday, a nice little story on North Dakota Quarterly in the University of North Dakota’s official news feed, UND Today. Go read it! The main goal of this article is not so much to celebrate the re-appearance of NDQ, but to announce that  subscriptions are now available! One of the great challenges facing NDQ in the


Congratulations to Sharon Carson, Gayatri Devi, and Cigdem Pala Mull for their special issue of North Dakota Quarterly on Transnationalism (volume 84.1/2) being recognized as a notable issue by the 2018 Best American Essays editors. Special recognition goes to Sharon Carson, Shawn Boyd, and Kate Sweney, who shepherded volume 84.1/2 through production as well

Hubert Matiúwàa on The Global Market

Congratulations to Paul Worley for his translation of Hubert Matiúwàa’s “The Global Market in the Mountains of Guerrero” over at Asymptote where he serves as editor-at-large for Mexico. He’s also translated some of Matiúwàa’s remarkable poetry.   Matiúwàa’s intensely evocative piece represents an affective critique of globalization, but also demonstrates that traditional Mesoamerican communities

North Dakota Quarterly Congratulates….

North Dakota Quarterly congratulates editorial board member Eric Burin for his new edited volume, Protesting on Bended Knee: Race, Dissent, and Patriotism in 21st Century America which also featured a contribution from NDQ editor Sharon Carson. The book considers Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protests in their historical, political, social, racial, and ethical contexts

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