Remembering Lawrence Ferlinghetti

As news and tributes to the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti pour in from across the social media and the internet, NDQ thought it would be appropriate to recognize Ferlinghetti’s influence on  our little corner of the world. A good start would be the contribution by James McKenzie to our 2017 issue celebrating the Thomas McGrath centennial.

From the Archives: Starbuck and The Moon

Over the last few weeks, my colleagues in the history department have been preparing their offices for a move. We’re going to be located somewhere temporarily and then moved back into renovated offices in our current building. The new offices are going to smaller than the ones that we have

The Art of Marco Hernandez

In issue 87.3/4, NDQ was honored to feature ten prints from the artist Marco Hernandez. Hernandez’s work drew upon both his Mexican upbringing and his experiences in the United States as a Mexican-American. The print “Regando el Maiz y el Nopal” appeared on the cover of the Quarterly.  His work used his distinctive

Poem: Surviving Mardi Gras

It’s almost Lent in the western calendar, which means that Mardi Gras is less than two weeks away and the first installment of Ordinary Time will come to a close. It seemed an appropriate time to post Lane Chasek’s “Surviving Mardi Gras” in anticipation of this transformative season, but with a strong grounding in

Thinking about a Cover for NDQ 88.1/2

Yesterday afternoon the copy edited manuscripts for NDQ 88.1/2 arrived in my inbox. This is always an exciting time it feels like the issue is taking the first step in its move from a gaggle of disaggregated selections to something more cohesive and complete. At around this time in the process, I usually

Two Poems by Lindy Obach

Every now and then a member of the NDQ editorial board reaches out and tell me how much they liked this or that contribution. It should go without saying that just like most of our readers, editorial board members generally enjoy most of what’s in the Quarterly. Even so, every now and then someone feels

Essay: It Hardly Hurt a Bit

Over the last decade, I’ve thought a good bit about music and failure. In fact, when I wear my hat as a publisher, two of my favorite books from my small press deal with punk rock music (and archaeology) and the art of failing. Perhaps this is why Mike Miley’s essay, “It

Public Domain Day NDQ Style

Bill Caraher |  This year’s Public Domain Day was pretty exciting. It featured, among other things, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby which was published in 1925 and therefore entered the public domain on January 1. Hemingway’s In Our Time, John Dos Passos’s Manhattan Transfer and Edith Wharton’s The Writing of

NDQ at the End of 2020

Usually the end of a year can be bittersweet, but I think that most of us can agree that there is very little sweetness in the passing of 2020. That being said, we continue to be honored by the wide range of contributions that come to NDQ each week and the trust

North Dakota Quarterly 87.3/4 is out!

Bill Caraher | For the last three years, I’ve been editor of North Dakota Quarterly. Needless to say becoming editor has nudged me well beyond my conventional comfort zone. I’ve had to try to wrap my head around not only the intricacies of managing an editorial board and expert genre editors and also develop a

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