More North Dakota Quarterly FREE on Project Muse

Last week, we introduced the appearance of NDQ on Project Muse. This gives us a stable platform for circulating NDQ in digital format and a way to make NDQ available at more libraries around the world. 

To celebrate this happy new situation, our publishing partner at University of Nebraska Press has agreed to make some of our content available via Project Muse each week for the next month or so.

It is valuable for us if you would click through and download something to read this weekend. If you feel like you want to explore NDQ more, check out our digital archive  and the digital anthology of the first 90 volumes of the journal: NDQ@90

We would also love it for more of you to subscribe to NDQ. The only way that venerable journals like ours survives is if we continue to build our subscriber base. To subscribe, go here.


Ndaba Sibanda, “For Everyday Life

Grace Kearney, “West Coast Weather

Aqeel Ahmad, “Between Us and Them

Thomas Heise, “Terrible People

Lea Page, “Previous History

Steve Slavin, “The Reporter

Ruth Schemmel, “My Mother and Middlemarch

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    That’s wonderful! Thank you.

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