Aubrey Roemmich, Emily Shank, Elena Uhlenkamp, Nicholas Ramos, Karissa Wehri, and Julia Tietz, NDQ@90. The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota, 2023.

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In 1910 North Dakota Quarterly released its first issue. Now 112 years later, NDQ has reached its 90th volume. This little book contains 90 sentences that serve both as an anthology produced by a new generation of readers and as an invitation to rediscover NDQ and to explore the Quarterly‘s vast archive.

Download the digital copy to enjoy this interactive window in the vast NDQ archive or buy a paper copy to savor the creativity of an exciting new generation of NDQ readers.

If you like this volume, check out the other recent books publishing as part of NDQ‘s collaboration with The Digital Press at the University of North Dakota:

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Snichimal Vayuchil. Translated by Paul M. Worley. North Dakota Quarterly Supplement Series, Volume 1. 2018.

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