North Dakota Quarterly on Project Muse

Over the last couple of years, North Dakota Quarterly has been working to raise the profile of the journal and to find more ways to show off the remarkable writing that we have the privilege to publish.

For example, we partnered with some great students in the English Department’s Writing, Editing, and Publishing program to produce a digital archive of the NDQ and to produce a small digital anthology of the first 90 volumes of the journal. You can download a copy (or purchase a paper copy) of the NDQ@90 anthology here

At the same time, we are now included in Project Muse. This is the first time that NDQ has an official and hopefully persistent digital version in the journal’s 114 year history. To celebrate this milestone, we’re going to release parts of the issue for free download over the next few weeks. Supposedly, the fiction will be available for download today (although it is not at the time of this writing!), and, then, in following weeks, we’ll make essays and poetry available. Check it out here.

Freelancing” by Stan Hollingworth.
The Cure for Smallpox” by Florence McDonald.
War” by Simon Howells.
Lying Down” by James Sallis.
The End” by David F. Young (which you can also read here)

Of course, the goal of this isn’t just to raise NDQ’s profile or to make NDQ available digitally. We hope that being part of Project Muse will help us get into more libraries and, perhaps as importantly, to attract readers who might not want to read in paper, who live outside the US, or who might just want to read a single story or essay from a volume. 

I don’t want to always be selling stuff here, but it would be very cool if some of you downloaded the stories in the most recent issue or, if you’re feeling generous and curious, bought a copy of the issue!

We would also love it for more of you to subscribe to NDQ. The only way that venerable journals like ours survives is if we continue to build our subscriber base. To subscribe, go here.

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