Thing Things Thursday: Printers, Poets, and Publishing

We have three (ok, maybe four) little updates this week and as a result, it felt like a good time to keep our “Three Things Thursday” run going.

Thing the First

We’re very happy to announce that NDQ 89.3/4 has gone off to the printers! This means that it will be on its way to you for the holidays.

This also means that TODAY is a great time to subscribe to the Quarterly for yourself or as a gift for someone you know would love to get a 500 pages worth of poetry, essays, stories, and reviews next year. 

Next year’s volume will be particularly exciting because it will be our 90th volume! And we are already planning all sorts of exciting things surrounding its publication. 

Thing the Second

We love poets, poems, and poetry and we love reading poems, but right now we have a backlog and this means that we haven’t been able to publish some poems that we received as long ago as 2021. This isn’t because we haven’t been trying, but between the constant arrival of exciting new material and the need to leave some space for fictions, essays, and reviews, we have found ourselves with a growing queue of accepted poetry.

To give us some time to clear this backlog and publish the amazing poets and poems in this queue we’re going to push pause on reading poetry this spring and not reopen submissions for poetry in March. This will be a one time thing, we expect, just to get us back on our feet. We’ll continue to read fiction all the time and we’ll accept essays until the end of the year and then start accepting again on March 1.

What this means is that if you have poems that you absolutely want to appear in NDQ in volume 90, then be sure to submit it by the end of the 2022. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until volume 91 in 2023!  

Thing the Third

The final thing on this Three Thing Thursday is to announce that starting with volume 90, NDQ will appear in Project Muse. This is a big deal for us because it ensures that we have a stable, long-term web presence that will complement our traditional paper issues. It’ll also get us into more libraries and make it easier for us, our readers, and our authors to share content!      

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