Three Things Thursday: Archive, Moten, and Alice

Over on my regular blog, I sometimes do this thing where I put together three random-ish things and call it “Three Things Thursday.” I then identify each “thing” using the weirdly archaic subtitles: “Thing the First.” I don’t know why I do this other than some nostalgia for olde tyme book chapters or some such nonsense.

In this spirit of my other blog, then, here they are.

Thing the First

Readers of this blog know that we had almost completed the archive of NDQ‘s earlier this fall, but two somehow slipped through the cracks. Building an archive is always a work in progress, it would seem.

Fortunately, my student collaborators on this remain relentless and they scanned this volume to add to the collection of archived North Dakota Quarterly.

Here’s a link to a story by Michelle Disler (who is also contributing to the most recent volume of NDQ some 15 years on!).

You can, of course, explore the rest of the issue at the link above and explore more volumes in the archive

Thing the Second

I was totally enchanted by this Fred Moten poem from Conjunctions 79 called “Sylph Set.”

If you’re not sure who Fred Moten is, here’s a handy link to his wikipedia page.

And here is some of his performance stuff with Brandon Lopez and Gerald Cleaver. Their recent album, Moten/López/Cleaver is getting some buzz.

Thing the Third

I love the continued reimagining of the little magazine and the emergence of new space for authors to express themselves and to explore new themes. 

I’ve recently enjoyed reading about in the first issue of Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself. It includes contributions from some NDQ stalwarts including Kimberly Ann Priest, Diarmuid O Maolalai, and Ken Poyner.

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