Three Notes on Friends

It is a happy situation to be able to share news about friends on the North Dakota Quarterly page.

First, congratulations to our former poetry editor Heidi Czerweic who won the Robert C. Jones Prize for short fiction for her soon-to-be-published book of collected essays titled Fluid States by Pleides Press. The book will include “Consider the Lobster Mushroom,” “Bear,” Decants (and excerpt of which can be read here), and Sweet/Crude (and excerpt of which can be read here).

Next, there is so much to read on the web these days that sometimes the beautiful, the thoughtful, and the inspiring gets lost beneath the cruft of polemic and click-bait. Don’t let the most recent issue of Iowa State’s Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment get lost in the shuffle.

Finally, for all the writers heading to the annual AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) annual meeting this year in Tampa, Florida, be sure to make your way over the the University of Nebraska Press booth (535 & 537) and ask them about North Dakota Quarterly.

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